To my friends from Hello Kitty’s Hell

Tired of being mocked by people in real world, Mr. Hugo Chavez has been trying to move forward in his crusade against Imperialism. In this vein, he has been doing a series of critical steps:

  1. He banned video games
  2. He supported an alternative to American action heroes (as violent as the original ones)

Now he knows how powerful Hello Kitty is, he decided his new front line is Sanrioland and the “evil feline”. So, as a third step, he created his own Sanrio version. His plan, of course, is a coup d’etat. How will be the encounter between those two giants? Who of the Sanrio characters will follow Mr. Chavez? Who will support Hello Kitty?

He is starting a cute revolution. His "sanrio name" is MIKO.